432 Studios

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Our Philosophy

4 32 Hz is the harmonic intonation of nature. We are all made of frequencies resonating at different rates. Some of these frequencies have a positive affect while others are negative and everywhere in between.
Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances found mathematically by physicist Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952 to occur between the Earth and its ionosphere. These ELF’s (extremely low frequencies) resonate or cycle at approximately x 8 Hz.
If we use this naturally occurring frequency as our base, and work upwards in octaves of 7 notes per scale 5 times, we reach 256 Hz. Which is our C note in the scale, therefore the note A above middle C on a piano scale is 432 Hz. As some may realize, this is not the standard tuning of A = 440 Hz which in general most are so accustomed to nowadays. There are many theories as to why the standard of tuning was changed in the early 1900’s, but I’ll leave that up to the reader’s own reasoning to determine.
The truth of the matter is 432 is more resonating with the heart of the earth which we live. Therefore in the as above so below aspect, it is more resonating with our own hearts. This is simply one description where many more can fit as well for the numbering/name we’ve chosen to use for this project. As with any description, one has the right to laugh and throw it away in exchange for another.
That’s always our own choice and part of becoming the cause to the effect… And that’s our role.

432 vs. 440, the effect simulated in water, which is more harmonious to you?
Image source: Masaru Emoto
For a deeper dive into the effects WE ALL have on the world around us, see: Heartmind

We bring with us a perspective of balance which is only found by continual effort, growth, and learning through experience. We all fall down at times in order to learn balance and we’re advocates of cultivating our power through these moments. Rather than giving that power away to a situation. In the words of a wonderful being and friend: “Knowledge is power, experience is wisdom, take your power back.” — CJC — This saying reflects the modal of our way of being.

Our philosophy is to create a connecting link to other like-hearted artists, musicians, songwriters, & forward focused individuals with heart for creativity and artistic expression. Providing a productive, loving, peaceful, and stress free experience that’s bent towards co-creating that artistic expression. Expression not limited by making a profit. The intention being to provide affordable services determined on a project to project basis. We simply ask in return for an equal exchange mutually beneficial to All. For those involved with 432, what we do is our passion. We recognize that artistic expression, raw talent, and a love for creativity, makes all the difference in the world. Creation/Life is magic; share your magic with the world for an eternity!

What We Provide

432 Studios is a heart centered project based out of the Charlottesville VA area with the intention to provide high end audio production services ranging from studio projects (all phases from tracking to post-production and mastering), sound design, producing/consulting, as well as on location recording and live sound. In addition, we offer custom web design, photography, and editing of all types of media as an extension of our skill set. We honor and respect anything that drives creativity in ourselves and in others. Creating a positive feedback cycle that helps to support, and assure each individual is given the opportunity to have their voice heard.

For your next project, contact 432 Studios, where the passion of your dreams becomes your creation reflected. We are at your service.

Neal Hicks (DJHIX)

Life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves.” — Bill Hicks

An honored graduate of Omega Studios School for Applied Recording Arts and Sciences. Neal has been actively working on creative projects ever since he received his Pro Tools Operator Certification. Including a Recording Engineering Diploma in digital and analog production techniques from Omega. Enthusiast and passionate about music since childhood, he now records his passion while playing with various friends/musicians. While constantly mastering his art and crafting his love for music using Pro Tools or Ableton Live as a DAW along with various other analog and virtual gear. Neal works professionally as a Software Test Engineer, as his attention to detail is unsurpassed in the recording studio environment.

A multi-instrumentalist, with focus on guitar, bass, and percussion. Neal has a love for synthesizers along with programming/sequencing music in expressive ways that have Heart. Something with feeling that will move you and you can move to. Going by the call sign DJHIX, Neal composes live DJ’esk Dub flows with focus towards Yoga Asana. Creating a musical flow with intent to compliment a guided Asana practice. One which moves with the movement of the class’s collective body. He uses a mixture of modern and classic tracks from various genres coupled with original supplements and transitions.

With his lovely life partner Danielle, together they work on developing their own unique expression through inward/outward experiences in life. Inward being, a journey along the path less traveled into the farthest corners of self. Outward, reflecting back that of those in your tribe around you. We are all mirrors reflecting ourselves back at each other into infinity. Keeping your mirror clean is the most beneficial thing you can do for Anyone.

Neal & Danielle offer a unique expression together providing a balanced male/female perspective with the intent to transcend duality and the illusion of separation. Working as one to bring the Message of self through creative arts. Together their skills are most strong and touch on: Music, Art, Photography, Film, Writing/Poetry, Natural Medicine, Yoga Asana, Practical Doowan’ism, and much more.

To share ideas and work on creating something different in a world full of conformity.

Chuck Grigsby
Web Developer/Programmer by day, musician/sound engineer by night & weekends. Chuck has been playing various instruments since 5th grade and has been in love with music ever since. Graduated in 2003, Chuck moved on to the IT industry to fuel his addiction. This guy loves to jam with anyone and everyone. His last project before moving to Virginia as a guitarist/manager in an Ohio metal band. From there he’s learned the ins and outs of marketing the band, booking shows, recording, making the music videos, personally screenprinted the apparel and anything that needed or could be done to make the band progress. During that time and after the band he moved on to recording musicians (rock, hip hop, R&B, metal) as a hobby. He now aims to continue this dream here in the happy mountain town of Charlottesville, VA. Chuck’s favorite instruments to play are keys, guitar and vocals. He hates long walks on the beach and is a SUP addict.