X32 producer (Interface/Control Surface)
Apogee Duet
Samson Rubicon 6A Ribbon Studio Monitors
Various AKG cans
Pro Tools 10
Ableton Live 9
Waves Master Bundle
Native Instruments Komplete
-Guitar Rig 3/4
-Reaktor 5
Amplitube Suite
BFD 2 + 30 gig sample library
All kinds of sample libraries (100’s of gigs)


Blue 100i mic x4
Sennheiser e845 x4
Shure SM58 x3
Shure SM57 x2
AKG D112 kick
CAD 5 piece drum mic pack w/clips
Karma mini silver bullet general purpose omni condenser x7
AKG 2041 pencil
AKG 2020 LDC
Electro Voice RE20
Blue bottle
GA R2 ribbon
Various mic stands/clips


Gibson Les Paul Studio
Fender Jaguar (Custom build)
Warwick Warrior 2 Bass  Guitar
Vintage 1972 Gibson Hummingbird
Vintage 1970’s Premier 5 Piece (Zildjian A’s and Paiste Sig’s)
Various Snares and other percussion
MesaBoogie Express 5:25 Tube Guitar Amp Head
Matching Mesa 1×12 Cab
2×12 Vintage 30’s Mesa Cab
Misc Guitar Stomp FX Rack (Boss, Dunlop, SSBS, ZFEX, Ibanez etc)
Korg Microkorg Synthesizer
Keith McMillen QuNeo Controller
Novation LaunchPad Ableton Controller
Novation Noturn
Midi Fighter
Midi Twister
Various instrument/patch cables and adapters
8 channel 25ft snake
16×16 trs-xlr 20 ft snake


Nikon D5300 DSLR
Nikon 18-55mm Kit Lens
Nikon 35mm Prime Lens
Go Pro
Vanguard Alta Pro Tripod
Yunteng Pro MonoPod
UltraTech Micro Pod
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe LightRoom 5
Adobe Premier Pro CS6
Adobe After Effects CC