The Smiling Islanders

The Smiling Islanders arose out of an all night “Chameleon/Cissy Strut” jam session that shook the celestial universe to the undefined depths of Stephen Hawking’s mind. Having awoken from a deep 2,314 yearlong slumber, Apollo, son of Zeus, could not handle the ruckus. “Where are the lyres?” he exclaimed, “Lyres are essential to good music.” Tim Swartz, the phattest bassist of all Western culture, whipped out his bass face in an attempt to melt Apollo like the Wicked Witch of the West. David Gray, a less drugged up reincarnation of Jim Morrison with special guitar talents, could not contain his smiles for he had always wanted to meet a Greek God…. Or Goddess ;). Wes Bonelli, an aspiring drummer for a Creed cover band, was way too nonchalant given the circumstances. Ben Laderberg, who in an alternate life applied his immense guitarist finger strength to tailoring fine suits in Hong Kong, went all Larry Sabato on him and declared, dissonance is a good thing! But Apollo refused to subjectively acknowledge such rubbish. Just as he was about to punish the Islanders for all eternity, Zeus burst into the studio, blessed them with a gourmet lightning bolt and promulgated, “Apollo’s just stuck in the past dudeskis… keep on doing your thing.” And so here they are…. digitally represented through a pattern of 1s and 0s on your computer screen which you spend way too much time looking at. THE SMILING ISLANDERS