Site / Web App Development

Say that you have a website that is not performing to your expectations. Or perhaps you have an application that is not functioning as it should. Maybe the exact nature of the problem is unknown–even to you–but you’d like your online presence improved in some way. 432 Studios would love to help you.

We offer a wide range of services, from spicing up websites to streamlining data flows. We’ve expertly applied the science of coding, and the artistry of creative design. And we’ve done so while maintaining positive contact with those we work with, ensuring that their perspective is our top priority every step of the way.

Here are some examples of applications and services we’ve helped folks with:

We’ve created an artist finance manager application, a custom software capable of communicating to multiple users efficiently and elegantly. What was once hundreds of spreadsheets, we reduced down to one easily digestible workflow.

432 Studios has created multiple custom applications using this framework. If the native functions cannot accomplish any desired task, we can create custom scripts to handle any request. Please don’t assume that whatever your needs are, they cannot be accomplished. If a problem exists, we will find an answer. If an answer doesn’t exist, we will create one. Some applications we’ve created were various project manager applications, employee tracking tools, sales tools, online web sales tools, and many more.

Web Development
432 Studios typically utilizes WordPress as a framework, but we are open to others. If you have a need for something similar to quickbase, but you’d rather avoid the cost, then we can setup a web site for you that will accomplish your goals. Please bear in mind that it may take a little longer than quickbase, since we won’t have as many handy functions to work with. But remember, with 432 Studios, anything is possible.

If you’re unsure what the problem is, or you think you need something specific, please reach out and ask. We don’t charge to answer basic questions. We never charge for quotes. It doesn’t always have to be a technical solution. Sometimes just simply cutting costs or making a few adjustments to a workflow will do the trick. Just let us know what problem you’re experiencing and we’ll work with you, by your side, to find the most efficient solution.  

We look forward to co-creating with you!