Steal the Prize

Steal The Prize is a groove-driven rock’n’roll group based out of Lynchburg, Virginia. Since 2006, Steal The Prize have spent years defining their sound, vigorously performing live, and characterizing a unique regional music community. Working along side the fans, and other like-minded songwriters, the community strives to spread awareness to promote a united vision of originality in both music and culture.

Among the five member strong group, Steal The Prize explores a vast frontier of vintage instrumentation, and blends an arrangement of styles including southern rock’n’roll, jazz, and country-western. The band’s quintessential “edge” lies within their ability to improv and rightfully express a vibe, both live and in the studio. This expressive edge allows the listener to not only hear the music, but feel it, connect with it, become apart of it.

After the release of “I Think I Am” in May 2011, the band continues to write new material, perform live regularly, and are planning for an east coast tour in support of the new album. Recently, Steal The Prize has garnered some career building exposure, most notably, the license of their new single “The Devil Made Me Do It” for Relix Magazine’s September issue compilation CD. They hope to continue to strategically partner with the media to spread Steal The Prize awareness one soul at a time.